You Already Know God’s Will

15 Things You Already Know About God’s Will for Your Life:

1. It is God’s will for you to be born. If you are reading this this applies to you. You are no accident. Your life has purpose before you came to be because now you are and you know that it was all within the perfect will of God.

2. It is God’s will for you to die. Our life is temporal from the beginning. Everyone dies, which includes you, therefore you know it is God’s will that you die. Though death is enemy it is not the end because Christ has defeated death. The reality that you will die dignifies every moment of your life because they are numbered.

3. It is God’s will that you were born male or female. Male/female are not social/cultural constructs. It is a gift. It is apart of the goodness of God’s creation. It was not Adam that saw his need for another but God who determined that Adam needed Eve. It is part of your obedience to Christ that you glory in your maleness or femaleness. It is our task to come to a biblical understanding of male and female and live in that.

4. It is God’s will that you obey His Word. Whatever it says in God’s Word it is His will for us to do. Whatever God commands us not to do in His Word it is not His will for us to do. It’s simple – read God’s Word and do what it says and don’t do what it says not to do.

5. It is God’s will that you obey all lawful authorities. This includes parents,ministers, teachers, police, government officials, etc.

6. It is God’s will that you believe in Christ. Christ calls all people to repent and believe the gospel. This is morally binding to everyone. The gospel is not submitted to us for our consideration but a command to believe.

7. It is God’s will that we follow Christ as His disciple. There is no such thing as a two-tiered Christianity: believers and followers/disciples. There are only those who take up there cross and follow after Him. We do not make Him Lord, He is Lord and if He is not your Lord then He is not Savior.

8. It is God’s will that we do all things for His glory. In everything, you are to be living for God’s glory. If it will glorify God, you are to do it. If it falls short of the glory of God, you are not to do it.

9. It is God’s will that you be married and enter the covenant of marriage as a sign of the covenant of salvation. Singleness is singled out for the purpose of gospel-service (1 Cor. 7) with the ability to live singly without burning and sorrow. Christians are delaying marriage to long with personal and social consequences. Who you are supposed to marry: 1) If you are a man you are supposed to marry a woman / if a woman you are to marry a man. 2)If you are a believer you are to marry a believer. 3) It is someone of the opposite gender of the same faith that is within your proximity (have or will meet in your life). 4) The person will bring out Christ-likeness in you.

10. It is God’s will for those who are married to have children and raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Includes adoption but not other alien procedures of having children.

11. It is God’s will for you to share the gospel. Every single Christian is to be an evangelist. You do not have to worry whether it is God’s will for you to share the gospel with someone – it is! And yes it is necessary to use words to share the gospel; the New Testament gave us words and Jesus spoke words.

12. It is God’s will for you to be a faithful member of the body of Christ in the context of a local church. It is in the context of the local church that God makes Christians, transforms them, and by the teaching of God’s Word renews their mind.

13. It is God’s will for you to serve within the local church to which you belong. As a member of a local body you are not to go seeking to be served but serving, doing the work of the ministry.

14. It is God’s will that we seek our joy in God’s glory and let go of the things of this world. God is to be your joy and to be so we must let go of the world.

15. It is God’s will that all things work together for good to those who called in Christ Jesus. We can rest safely because no matter what happens nothing can separate us from Christ, happiness, goodness, and the love of God.

– The question is not whether we can find God’s will but whether we intend to be faithful and do it.

Dr. Albert Mohler in Session 2 at GMAA College Conference: Recalibrate, 2/11/11.


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