The Spiritual Hemorrhaging of a Church

My spirit is aching.

My mind just runs away.

My heart is pouring out.

My mouth no words to say.

My sheep have been hunted,

By lies, being led astray.

The wolves are breathing poison,

Dividing up their prey.

Seeing great confusion,

I cry out to God and pray,

“Spare this fold’s destruction;

Drive those wolves away.”

I watch the church convulsing,

As the venom has its way.

Truth must be the victor,

If we are ever to find out stay.

Lead us in all righteousness,

O God, direct our way.

Give us divine wisdom

To act and show Your way.

Many are downtrodden.

Many are in dismay.

Lord strengthen all Your servants,

No matter what may come today.

Help us act in boldness,

And follow what You say.

Speaking truth in love;

Driving error and wolves away.

When division has been halted,

By words of truth in play

The glory of Your Gospel,

Will show forth in vessels of clay.

My spirit is crying for You.

My mind on You will lay.

My heart will rest in Your truth.

My mouth will sing all day.


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Filed under Division, Poetry, Prayer, Sin, Theology, Unity

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